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Summer 2021 Newsletter

One of the best events of the year took place at Lincoln High School early in May. At the annual Awards Night, scholarships were awarded to many deserving graduating seniors. Two of our newest Board members, Heather Banks and Steve Lang, were involved in presenting scholarship awards. Read the full newsletter here.

New Trades Scholarship Being Established

Not everyone who graduates from high school is planning to attend a 4-year college or university. There are many jobs in our community that do not require a 4-year degree. There are numerous individuals in this community who perform critical jobs each day that each of us values and depends upon.

Foundation Establishes Community Fund with Rochester Area Foundation

Over the past two years, GLCCF has been working very hard to improve its ability to better serve the citizens of this region. After much discussion with other foundations, we decided the best course of action would be to work closely with another successful foundation to be able to offer new options for philanthropy while remaining independent under local control.

Five for Food Initiative

Sponsors of the Five for Food Initiative for the Lake City Food Shelf presented a check for $21,907.87 representing $10,000 in donations from sponsors and $11,907.87 provided by 1,422 members of the community who contributed $5 or more.  Over the past four years, Five for Food has provided over $80,000 to the Lake City Food Shelf.

New Bike Shelter

Supporters of the new bike shelter are: Bruce Carlstrom and Jim Schreck of the Greater Lake City Community Founda on, Chris Peterson of the Lake City Rotary Club, Greg Schreck of the City of Lake City and Frank Lupton, Don Schwartz and Constance Anderson of Lake City Ac ve Living Group.


Nathaniel Baer and Brendan Koplin each received $500 scholarships in 2018 from Jim Schreck representing the Harold and Bernice Schreck Memorial Scholarship Fund.

Five for Food 2018 | Two Times Better

Five for Food, an initiative of the Greater Lake City Community Foundation for the Lake City Food Shelf, begins its fourth year during March, which is Minnesota Food Share Month.


As new “pillars” are announced within the GLCCF, it is important to specify in which area you want your donation to be used.

Endowment for the Arts

A new “Pillar” of the Greater Lake City Community Foundation was announced at the June 19th meeting held at the Lake House on Pepin restaurant – The Endowment for the Arts.