New Trades Scholarship Being Established

Not everyone who graduates from high school is planning to attend a 4-year college or university. There are many jobs in our community that do not require a 4-year degree. There are numerous individuals in this community who perform critical jobs each day that each of us values and depends upon. When we stop and review who these people are, we realize that plumbers, builders, heating and air conditioning contractors, automotive technicians and electricians are among the indispensable people upon whom we rely each day. There was a time when future craftsmen/women learned by being apprentices to experienced craftspeople, but today, as the use of technology grows everywhere, our craftspeople need vocational /technical school training to be able to compete in the crafts workforce. These students are as worthy of financial help as those who intend to attend 4-year institutions. To assist such students, the GLCCF is establishing an Endowed Scholarship under its Education Pillar for students heading to vocational /technical schools to advance their career prospects.

GLCCF Vocational/Technical Scholarship

To kick off this new thrust, the GLCCF Board is setting up a $5,000 challenge match whereby for each dollar donated by a Foundation supporter, a dollar match will be provided by The Foundation from its endowment. When the fund balance reaches $10,000, a scholar-ship will be awarded based on the earnings of the fund. The hope is that through time this endowment will grow and be able to provide multiple scholarships each year to students who plan to attend vocational/technical schools.

If this donation option is of interest to you, donations can be sent to PO Box 86.

Make checks payable to GLCCF and note in the memo space that it is for the vocational and technical scholarship. If you have stocks, etc. to transfer or have other ideas, please contact Bruce Carlstrom (651-345-3373), Jim Schreck (651-345-9834), or Steven Lang (651-345-0186), each of whom is a GLCCF Board member with experience in such matters.