Foundation Establishes Community Fund with Rochester Area Foundation

Photo: GLCCF directors Beth Krehbiel , Jim Schreck and Kim Vetter with Jennifer Woodford, President of the Rochester Area Foundation

Over the past two years, GLCCF has been working very hard to improve its ability to better serve the citizens of this region. After much discussion with other foundations, we decided the best course of action would be to work closely with another successful foundation to be able to offer new options for philanthropy while remaining independent under local control.

In December, an agreement was reached whereby the Greater Lake City Community Foundation has become an affiliate of the Rochester Area Foundation. With affiliation, we now have access to many donating options that give choices to donors as to how to serve their philanthropy interests as well as meet their personal financial needs.

We now will be offering Donor Advised Funds, Field of Interest Funds, Endowment options for many interests such as scholarships, civic organizations, Churches, or Community Areas such as the Arts, and areas like community Improvement and beautification.

There are options to roll contributions directly from retirement accounts, stock brokerage accounts etc. directly to the GLCCF without triggering taxable events such as having to sell stocks prior to making the donation. There are benefits to those who have a significant event such as sale of a business or farm whereby taxes can be reduced via making a charita-ble donation. If this interests you please contact one of our board mem-bers or drop a note to PO Box. 86.