Five for Food 2018 | Two Times Better

Five for Food, an initiative of the Greater Lake City Community Foundation for the Lake City Food Shelf, begins its fourth year during March, which is Minnesota Food Share Month.  In the past, $5 contributions were matched from a pool of sponsoring organizations.  Since more sponsors have come forward in 2018, the sponsors’ funds will this year match each contribution up to $10

The matching funds are available for donations received in the month of March.  Aid available from other Minnesota programs is based on the local food shelf support during March of each year.  The greater the local support, the greater the funds received from the other programs.

The Lake City Food Shelf is an IRS recognized charity.  Donations are tax deductible.

Make your contributions by check payable to the Lake City Food Shelf and mail it to Greater Lake City Community Foundation, P. O. Box 86, Lake City, MN 55041.

Five for Food Donation Form Download